Cyber Security Analyst Training


The cyber security industry is constantly growing and fundamental training is imperative. The Digital Skills Academy – Cyber Security Analyst (CSA) course powered by With You With Me provides the foundational cyber security concepts and technical skills required in preparation for a role as a Tier 1 Cyber Security Analyst.  

As an entry level course, the CSA has been accredited by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  

The course is designed to introduce participants to the cybersecurity industry, providing the necessary skills to prepare for a career as a security analyst.

The course is broken into three main instructional modules, focusing on:

1. Security Fundamentals – The basics of cyber security

2. Technical Foundations – The technical aspects of security

3. Incident Response Foundations – Covering the situation of when an incident has


In addition to the instructional modules, there are sections for SIEMs, Incident Response Playbooks and a range of Assessments and Labs.

Our NCSC staff complete this course on their journey into becoming analysts.  To find out more and to enrol, click the below link.